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Frsky R9M 2019 900MHz Long Range Transmitter Module & R9 Slim+ Receiver w/ T Antenna Combo


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                  Frsky R9M 2019 900MHz Long Range Transmitter Module & R9 Slim+ Receiver w/ T Antenna Combo

                  Specification (Transmitter Module):
                  Brand: FrSky
                  Item Name: R9M 2019 900MHz Transmitter Module

                  Vin Voltage Range: 6V-13V
                  External Power Supply: 6V~13V
                  Telemetry Interface: Smart Port
                  Upgrade Interface: Smart Port
                  Modulations: PXX or CPPM (auto-detected)
                  Compatibility : R9 Series Receivers

                  Feature :

                  -900MHz/868MHz Working Mode

                  -Long Range, Low Latency and High Precision RC System

                  -4 Optional RF Power (Non-EU Version)

                  -Telemetry Mode (25mW)/Non-telemetry Mode (200mW / 500mW) (EU Version)

                  -RF Power (Flex): 10mW/ 100mW/ 500mW/ 1W (telemetry supported for all levels)

                  -Smart Port Enabled and Support Telemetry Data Transmission

                  Specification (Receiver):

                  R9 Slim includes all the advantages of the previous R9 long range receiver. Other than that, R9 slim has the lower latency and own the best compatibility with all the FrSky transmitters. The redundancy function ensures the security of your aircraft, and its tiny shape with the reduced weight must be the best choice in your competition.

                  Dimension: 30*13.5*5mm (L × W × H)
                  Weight: 3.2g
                  Numbers of channels: Up to 16 channels
                  With RSSI Output: Analog 0~3.3V
                  Operating Voltage Range: DC 3.5V~10V
                  Operating Current: 100mA@5V
                  Operating Range: Up to 10km or above
                  Compatibility: R9 series TX

                  Feature :

                  -900MHZ (Non-EU Version)/ 868MHZ(EU Version)

                  -Small and conveniently setup

                  -Low latency and high precision

                  -Support redundancy function

                  -Smart Port enabled and support telemetry data transmission

                  -Battery voltage detection

                  -With RSSI output

                  Package Included:
                  1 x FrSky Transmitter Module
                  1 x FrSky R9 Slim+ Receiver

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